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5 ways to start “The Monday Diet”

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5 ways to start “The Monday Diet”

Have you ever noticed that we are setting goals only to postpone them later? That we realize we want to achieve something, but instead settle in with the idea that at some point (in the distant future, why bother now?) we will start?

It is a frequent phenomenon of our time that people do not feel motivated enough to achieve their goals; that they postpone activities or actions that need to be done and then realize that a lot have been accumulated and they have no time. Our society is currently extremely complex and contains countless distractions to get us out of our goals. There is, therefore, a multitude of information and data that seem quite interesting, but are not important for our own goals. So, most of the people end up spending their time in pointless occupations and putting off for later the essential ones.



But how can this change so that everyone will wake up motivated to live the day to its fullest? The main feature that one should possess -it might sound simple but do not get fooled- is SELF-DISCIPLINE.

Therefore, I give you five ways to practice this feature and to get motivated to reach your goals.

  1. Write down from the previous day what you want to do the next one, and keep order of priority

If you keep everything in your mind, you risk forgetting something you have to do. By writing down your thoughts, you get the pressure off your mind to remember everything and focus your thinking on how to accomplish it all in the optimal way and time. Once you become accustomed to writing down your obligations and goals for the next day, you can start doing it for the entire week, so that you have an idea if you can “squeeze” other things in or if your schedule is really overloaded.

Tip: Break the most demanding activities into subcategories and put a check mark next to each completed action.

  1. Start your day productively

Many people tend to forget that not only the mind but also the body plays a key role in achieving our goals. It is our medium and as you would not leave your car without fuel or service, so our body needs to be fueled with proper food and exercise in order to be full of energy. So, set up a routine that includes nourishing nutrition and proper body care from the beginning of the day. Also, when you are dealing with an interesting occupation, do not forget to eat because later on you might feel an exhaustion that you think is the result of being transfixed onto one thing, but it really is due to the lack of energy in your body.

Tip: Start the day with a rich, nutritious breakfast and do not skip frequent meals during the day.

  1. Put a limit on the time you spend on pointless activities

Nowadays, it is almost inevitable not to spend time on the Internet, on social media or on reading articles that have nothing to offer. While the Internet can be an excellent medium of motivation (through articles that concern us, data for our subject, similar groups of people, etc.), at the same time it functions as an “attention trap” in meaningless information. Then, it is essential to exert control over ourselves and consider whether the time we spend to find out about things that are practically useless for us, could pass more pleasantly if we were focusing on our hobby or if we met a friend we haven’t seen for a while. Real communication is the one that gives joy and cannot be replaced with the virtual one.

Tip: Download an application that times the amount of time you spend daily on pointless activities, and set a realistic daily limit that you can adjust to the optimal time you would like to be wasting.

  1. Reward yourself when you achieve something, even small

Why are you so hard on yourself if something does not go the way you wanted it, but you do not reward yourself when things really go the way they should? Every day we achieve more goals than we can imagine without realizing it. Even a day that may seem ordinary, when you just woke up and went to your job and simply everything went well with nothing special occurring, is also a small conquest. Set continually new small goals to yourself and reward yourself when you succeed, so you will constantly be motivated to achieve more. In fact, because of these small daily goals, you will find yourself having achieved a BIG goal after some time, as the accumulation of small goals is nothing more than steps to achieving a major goal.

Tip: You can reward yourself with a massage, so that not only will you relax, but you will also help your body in assisting you to seize the day.

  1. Do not be discouraged if you go off course

Nobody was born perfect; everything needs practicing. So, organizing your life and feeling constantly motivated is not a simple thing that happens from one day to another. Every person is different and needs to find his own pace to feel satisfied. It is important to recognize for yourself how you would like to live life and find out what really motivates you in order to make a plan that will bring you even closer to those standards. If you go out of your way somewhere along the track, you can just come back. Every day is an opportunity and, fortunately, for most, there is always a tomorrow to correct what we do not like and lay the foundations for a life that satisfies us.

Tip: Find sayings or mottos that inspire you and put them in a place that you can see them every day.

Ultimately, observing our own lives and seeing the things we could improve and the ways we could do it, is clearly a personal decision. Everyone can draw insights from the above 5 ways and adapt them to their own way of living. But to do this, one must first want to change something and that is the beginning. However, we often rest on our laurels because our environment and surroundings are no better than us in order to inspire us to become better. Indeed, we all have within us the potential to become much better than what we are; many simply never discover it because their environment is not pushing them to see this perspective. Thus, do not let others convince you that you do not need to constantly improve your life and set new goals, but motivate them to do the same while you continue on your route with patience and persistence. This time, I wish you to truly start on Monday!


The Power of Decision

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The Power of Decision. You can do it.

In a few days I will have the honor to make a speech at TEDx and I am very happy about this opportunity. For several years, my intention has been to help as many people as possible, so for that reason I am constantly transmitting the data I have used, which brought me to where I am. Through this speech, I will be able to share my successful actions on a larger scale.


I am very excited and troubled at the same time! Which exactly should be the subject of my speech? Should I report how I manage to grow my business? Should I mention the specific ways and means I used to get to this point?

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to refer to the basis, the beginning. Everything I have done and everything I will do is based on DECISION, my own decision. I think that making a decision is the beginning of everything and the most powerful foundation of any successful activity.

So, I decided that my speech will be about the power of decision.

Yes, you might say that this is reasonable since in order to do something, you have to make a decision first, how else would you do it? Well, you are right, but how easy is it to make a decision and especially the right one? How can you recognize that this is your decision and not someone else’s choice, or is delimited within a framework of specified choices?

Dear friends, in order for someone to make a decision, he must first go through the difficult process of really learning about himself.

Now, how does one learn about himself?

Well, that’s the hardest part. Honest self-criticism on all matters that make up one’s life is required – I give you some examples of questions that need to be answered.

Do I really love myself? How much do I care for my body? How much time do I spend to learn new things? What are my thoughts about myself? Am I good at my job? How much better could I become at what I do? Do I treat others as I would like to be treated? Do I give a good example to those around me? What do I want to change in me? Do I give love to my family? Am I fulfilled with my life? Do I feel complete?

These and other similar questions will ultimately lead to the conclusion of who I really am.

Once this stage is concluded (which just needs to reach a good point, because we as people are constantly changing and such questions will never stop troubling us), we will have reached a good level of self-awareness that allows us to better understand who we are. All in all, this enables us to decide what we want to do.

This is the point that we make decisions; the point at which we know what we really want to do. Then we make our real decisions.

You know, the power of decision is shocking. Decision means action, means creation.

How will you understand whether you live your life in your own decisions?

When you wake up full of energy, when you see the sun brighter than it really is, when you feel happy without a specific reason, then, my friends, you live in your own decisions.

Believe me, YOU CAN DO IT! I have seen and felt it, it is feasible.

For more data look forward to my speech, until then I hope you are doing well! 


Offering Experience: A History from Pelion

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Offering Experience: A History from Pelion

This summer because of my pregnant wife, we decided to go on a quiet mountain vacation.

So we chose Pelion with concise procedures, which combines both mountain and sea. So I found an available hostel in Tsagarada that I did not know but that had very good reviews.


Somehow we started and after a few hours of travel we finally found ourselves in the cool and enchanting Tsagarada. As GPS guided us through some dirt roads into the forest, our curiosity about the place grew. And finally we arrived at “Amanita”. A guest house taken from a fairy tale, with traditional stone houses, with a garden full of fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, with fresh air full of field smells. So we were surrounded by chestnut trees, plane trees and various other trees of the mountain of Centaurs while in front of us in the background stretched the Aegean Sea.

And after I described the location, it’s time to reveal to you what makes “Amanita” unique – the gastronomic experience of breakfast!

To fully cover this chapter I must refer to the owner Mr. Filaretos Psimmenos, fodder collector, writer, mushroom picker and many other qualities, who together with his family made our vacation unforgettable.

This man offers a breakfast, literally taken from his garden. With what he produces, and in collaboration with local producers, together with his wife they create a terrific breakfast with traditional pies of Thessaly, homemade jams, homemade sweets, salads with fern, village eggs and much more. Certainly the reason is a very small means to convey to you the feeling we experienced while living in the hostel of Mr. Filaretos and his family.

But what matters and I want to mention is the concept of experience.

Ever wonder why people love to travel? Have you ever wondered why some places and some people remain unforgettable while others pass by our thought without stigmatizing it? What are people really looking for away from home, away from the ordinary?

So what will make you spend a lot of money, travel many kilometers, get tired, go to the unknown – and on top of that do not care that you spent money and time, but enjoy it – is the promise of experience.

But this is not just a romantic travel article but it really is something that can be applied in the daily work of each of us.

What each of us is looking for as an exchange for the money we exchange is experience, whether it comes from products or services. What we call “experience” in this content really means experiencing something that you consider worthwhile and that it offers you something that creates unprecedented positive emotions.

When you give your money somewhere you expect to receive the best representative samples of it.

Now the same thing happens in a job, whether you run a restaurant, you are an employee of a private company, or you have a store. The customer expects to experience a nice result from their interaction with you. If you can offer something original, even better. Nevertheless, even listening carefully to what he is asking for, being honest with him and delivering what he asked for will be something “original”, as most companies are lagging behind even in these.

My dear friends, as times change, exchanging what you offer without creating a sense of experience for your customers will leave you behind. All large and organized companies deal almost exclusively with this issue, that is, to create experiences for their customers and thus ensure positive reviews. Keep in mind that recent research has shown that three out of four consumers intend to spend more money on companies with good reviews and also to compensate for a negative review they need twelve positive ones.

So how do you do all this cool stuff?

One : Increase the control in your business, push your partners in service levels you never thought they could reach.

Two : Tell the world why you’re amazing, yet the best, then deliver what you promised and more. You have just come up with an incentive to reach higher levels of efficiency.

Three : Work with passionate people, with professionals who love their job and do not see it as a “job.” If you think they do not exist, you are wrong ˙ they are rare, but they exist, and they are more likely to look for a passionate team to add to.

Four : persevere until the end, until you reach or surpass the desired service levels. The degree of success you will achieve will be proportional to how much you persevere during the difficult period.

In closing I will tell you that I have never been satisfied with the service of my own customers, and I am always thinking and looking for ways to become better and more efficient. This does not mean that I am not satisfied with the progress we are making, but that I am never complacent, especially on such important issues.

I wish you a good and productive period.


The importance of the correct data

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We all have our own beliefs!

A belief is the point of view through which someone views a thing; the opinion one has for something. Thus, it is something subjective which constantly changes in the course of time.

The views we hold are based on received data and, indeed, they form our personality. All those views are the expression of the ability of reasoning that we have gained as individuals.


In order for a view to radically change, it should be our own decision. Of course, we are influenced by others, but it’s only us who could wholly change a view we share.

The fact that the views each one of us have determine our future, our life and, many times, the lives of other people in our environment is what makes them so important.

The reason I am writing this essay is because I have observed crimes regarding this subject.

  • I have observed that many people are willing to help someone that asks for their opinion on a specific subject without having the slightest knowledge about it, and definitely no relative results regarding to the subject.
  • I have also noticed that many people assume the role of the uninvited advisor as “experts” that know everything, without having ever done anything noteworthy themselves. In the end, they manage to generate doubts in anyone who wants to make an effort to achieve something.
  • A third category is formed by the critical ones that all they do is discourage and bringing down everyone that they address to.

Stop! Don’t do such crimes!

  • Rule No 1: Receive advice from proven connoisseurs of the subject. For instance, receive business advice from a successful businessman, familial advice from people who have a happy family, advice on health issues from professional doctors etc.
  • Rule No 2: Do not allow anyone to lessen your goals. Some of the people who do it really care for you, and they believe that in this manner they are protecting you. Nonetheless, the only thing they achieve is to sow the seeds of doubt within you leading you to dissuasion from your goals.
  • Rule No 3: The easiest and most observable situation involves the critical people. You spot them by the bitterness with which they saturate others. In this situation things are simple, you whip them off your life. If this is not possible due to close relations with them, you make it clear that you won’t tolerate any censure – in the beginning in a gentle manner and then, (if they don’t seem to understand) more intensely.

All in all, pay a lot of attention on what you insert in your mind; malnutrition ruins the body and false data ruin the mind. So be careful regarding whom do you get advice from and whose data you adopt.

Personally, I receive many correct data from top books written by renowned individuals from all over the world, and they helped me a great deal in my success.

I cite some of my best suggestions:

  • GRAND CARDONE, Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • NAPOLEON HILL, Think and Grow Rich
  • JACK CANFIELD, The Success Principles
  • ROBIN SHARMA, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  • ANTHONY ROBBINS, Unlimited Power
  • RHONDA BYRNE, The secret

Why do I do what I do?

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Why do I do what I do? Do I like what I do?

Important questions that have undoubtedly tormented all of us and to which the answer is often either vague or unsatisfactory.


I will start my article referring to some moments from my childhood. Well, when I was 5-6 years old and some older people asked me the classic question of what I want to be when I grow up, the answer I gave (as my mother told me a few years later) was that I want to be in a big office and they hit constantly the phones and a lot of people coming in. Then the others felt a little embarrassed wondering why I was saying that.

Later, at the age of 12-13, I had found in an old trash an old sign that read “General Manager”. I picked it up and placed it on the door of my room. It was clear what I wanted to do with my life. I did not know how to express it more specifically, I was obviously ashamed, but I knew what I wanted.

This fact helped me when the time came for me to decide what to do with my life. And I can say for sure that what I do is what I dreamed of as a child.
All the difficulties of the world would not be able to stop me.

And do you know why?   WHY I HAD A VISION!     

I knew what I wanted to do and I knew why I wanted to do it. Of course the reason was constantly changing, but there was always a reason I knew myself.

I’m sure many people will have experienced something similar; from a very young age they would have signs of what they want to do. Did they finally do what they wanted? This is the key issue here.

We all agree that what matters to a person’s happiness is not necessarily how much money he makes from the profession he does, but whether what he does is what he dreamed of doing. How many examples from friends and associates each of us has, who followed the path of someone else and not their own. For example, someone wanted to become a musician but became a doctor because his father was a doctor. And there are many similar examples.

The message I want to convey is, first, to realize that all this is real, it is true and unfortunately a common phenomenon. The consequences are quite painful – I have seen it happen next to me. People who ultimately do not like what they do, do it mechanically and without any pleasure, without any interest in development, without love.

Result : Moderation, misery, jealousy and other negative emotions.

But the good news is that we are human! We are not trees! We can move! We can change! You know, one of the greatest abilities of man is the ability to change his decision. Do not waste time if you do not like what you do. Find the courage to change your life. There is nothing more important for someone than to be a cause in his life, that is, to lead his life where he wants and not to become a slave to it.

And for those of you who think this is a big risk, let me say, my friends, that the biggest risk is what you take now and it leads you with mathematical precision to mediocrity and misery.

Look around you. Almost everyone knows what they are doing.
They have a title, a so-called property. Another is a lawyer, another a secretary, another a distributor…. It is, it is, it… Most people know how to do it. The lawyer knows the laws and defends his client, the secretary knows how to correspond and take notes, etc.

But only a few know why they do what they do!      

The answer to why a person does what he does is what highlights the purpose. It shows someone what their vision is, what is the reason they do what they do.

And that is what gives the real power. The real power comes from the individual’s own voluntary decision to do what he wants. When he knows why he is doing it, this force multiplies and shields him to the point that nothing can stop him.

So ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.
Do not stop wondering until you are absolutely sure of your honest answer. Change what does not satisfy you and live your life to the fullest. Do not make discounts for any reason.

With love,



How to make more money

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How to make more money?

The catalyst to the writing of this article has been a friend, who having read my previous articles, and after a talk we had about the subject of money, she beseeched me to write something relative to that.

The most crucial problem regarding money lies in two situations. First of all, money are considered a taboo, and secondly, most of the people don’t know how to properly manage their financial.

Indeed, it is an intricate matter for which whole volumes have been written. While I could elaborate on it thoroughly, my purpose is to state it as simply as I can by presenting the strategy that I followed and managed to become financially independent from a very young age.


Here are 9 tips that I strongly advise you to apply:

  1. Create a financial planning

Weird as it may sound to some that they could make more money by just making a plan for their finances, it is the first and most basic step.

Create a simple archive (excel is recommended) in which you will input all of the earnings and the expenses for the next year. Therefore, you will have a picture about where you spend your money on. What is more, by the end of the year you will have the necessary information to create a detailed planning for the next year.

  1. Create a reserve account

Within your budget create one more expense ꟷ a reserve account. In other words, money which are collected in a separate bank account and are meant for investments.

You cannot touch that money for any reason except for investments that will bring you more money.

  1. Start investing your money –the reserves– in foolproof solutions, after you consult someone who is an expert on the subject.

These solutions could be a bond or an international stock market product or property from which you will have income (not your own home). Set a goal to have an average annual payoff over 5%.

  1. Do not create self-promotion expenditure

You don’t necessarily need a new car, or a bigger house. The ones spending more than they could or should, and who do not invest their money, will always get into financial trouble.

First you create the “machines” to produce money for you and then you have the ability to buy whatever you wish for. This is a distinctive attribute between the rich and the poor, using those terms in their broad sense. Indeed, the rich invest their money in order to make more, whereas the poor satisfy by priority ambitions that are relevant with material things or personal needs not of primary importance.

  1. Decide that money are not bad

Many people have the view that money bring unhappiness. If you share such considerations, then you have obviously decided not to make money. Decide that it’s not bad at all to make lots of money. On the contrary, money can be the means to fulfill many of your goals, as well as to give you the power to help.

  1. Become the best in doing what you love

Every person has a specific talent, but unfortunately some keep it as a hobby and never make a living out of it.

Discover your talent; many books can help you on that. In this way you increase the possibilities to become the best in what you’re doing. As a result, it won’t be late until money come your way.

  1. Increase your trustability

The concept of money goes hand in hand with the concept of trust. The more you are trusted, the more money you will make.

Trust is gained by doing what you have promised or agreed upon doing. However, if possible, do even more than that. Only in that manner trust is built.

  1. Boost your ethics level

Unfortunately, a number of people still believe that in order to make money you have to steal or engage in illegal activities. This is ultimately false.

Become the best you can be, help as many as you can without expecting anything in return, do not do anything that you wouldn’t like to be done to you. By operating in such a basis you earn the respect and the esteem of your fellow people, and then they respond to that.

  1. Take risks

Without any risk, with the safety of the couch, nobody made enough money. Don’t be afraid to fail; take a look around you: most of the people who have financial freedom have at least once failed.

So take the risk and do not let anyone stop you. A saying that I was always applying and never let me down was that the one who dares, wins.

To conclude, money are not something unattainable. It is a fact that no school teaches such king of stuff and for this reason ignorance or confusion have flooded in the scene. Fortunately, some very successful people have described in their autobiographies how they made it. Personally, I read their stories, I copy anything that suits me, and I adapt it to my own situations.

I sincerely suggest that you do the same.

As Napoleon Hill mentions in his book Think and Grow Rich, “Remember: You can attain anything you wish for, as long as this doesn’t exceed the universal laws, the laws of God and the rights of your fellow people.”

Good luck!


Creating Steadfast Teams in the Workplace

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Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how incredible a leader you are, without the right team to back you, keeping your business afloat is sure to prove a gargantuan, exhausting task. Every business owner needs the support of a healthy, happy, productive workforce.


To help you achieve this, here are some tips for creating stellar, steadfast teams that you know you can count on:

  • Start by Getting to Know separately each one of the Individuals

Every team is made up of individuals with their own personalities, personal goals and values. Before you can start building teams that will be sure to function optimally, you need to understand these aspects of every individual and especially of their values. Values are the beliefs of each individual about what is right and wrong, good and bad. A simple way to find out each person’s personal beliefs and what this individual considers important in his life, is through meetings on a face-to-face basis. It is essential to know what the values are of each individual, in order to motivate them on a deeper level.

  • Monitor the Workings of the Team

Deliver the roles you have assigned within the team and define its leader. Make sure that the action plan is clear and well understood by all team members and at this point your job has just begun.

You have to monitor on a weekly basis the results of the team. Initially, in order to evaluate results you must have established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have determined clear and realistic goals. If you get inadequate results do not accept justifications, but ask from the team leader an action plan in order to change results.

  • Praise the good results

Don’t let any good result to pass by without some form of rewarding. It need not be something spectacular, but even just a highly professional behavior or a small positive result, or a simple new idea, or any kind of help. It is very important to remind your employees the “right” way and this can be easily done in two ways: by recognizing and appraising the good work and, by giving yourself the good example.

  • Communicate the good news.

Positive communication is key when it comes to most business dealings. The spread-out of bad and negative news will have disastrous consequences to the function of your business since the first thing that happens when bad news circulates is to disorganize all the employees. You have to create a policy where bad news are strictly communicated only to people that need to handle the situation. On the contrary, good news should be made known to all departments of your business. 

At Manifest, a reliable facilities management company, we have a specific procedure for this: all the good news head to a certain person, so when something good is communicated to them, they have a bell and go around the offices ringing that bell and spreading the news. Good news create excitement that helps increase productivity.

  • Reinforce the vision of your company

The vision of your company is (or should be) the most powerful motivation tool for your entire team. It is the main reason why you get out of bed every day, full of energy ready to start a productive new day. The vision is the team’s main goal, its ideals, the reason why they put so much effort and the main aspect that keeps their spirit high. Vision should be often and strongly be communicated to all of the company’s ranks because it is the best and safest way to inspire people.

In conclusion one thing is certain: you will need time and assistance to create efficient teams within your company. The main elements for a leader to consider in building a steadfast team are faith, dedication to their goals and lack of compromise to everything that is opposed to their vision.


A Letter to my Colleagues

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Dear colleagues,

We have set some targets, and as you already know targets are attained only with hard work. Thank you for everything you have already achieved – you know really well that I need you as much as you need me to achieve our goals. I will constantly remind you that I am sure we will conquer every “peak” despite the adversities of life.


The first thing needed is courage.Though I know obstacles pop up out of nowhere, I am sure for one thing; that all of the obstacles can be overcome and all of the goals can be attained, with strong will and courage.

Of course, most of you will try now and then to convince me that this thing called failure exists, is common and possible to happen. And I will know that the only reason you believe this is to leave a loophole there so that you can fail. However, this is not applicable for people who, by showing persistence and courage, defy all the “advices” from people that tell them trying isn’t even worth it.

Eventually, those people do succeed, as for them there is no room for failure, as for them too much are at stake (even if this is not the case), and with this mindset they win. Now many historical facts apply to this occasion, such as the legendary Βattle of Gaugamela with the Persian forces number over 250,000 soldiers and Alexander the Great’s only 45,000 to 50,000 Greeks. I imagine them saying “Do you see those guys on the other side? Well, it’s not that big a deal, let’s attack them fast and finish with them, since we have some other stuff to do in the evening”. And that was it, they attacked them and exterminated them pretty easily.

Do you get it? Their confidence and certainty of who they were and what they were supposed to do was such that failure didn’t exist in their minds. Therefore, I urge you to let your confidence do the hard work, increase it as much as you can and you will be surprised to see the problems you will be able to deal with. Those are principles and ideals that have profoundly influenced my life and my beliefs, and I live by them.

Indeed, each department I engage in, I do really well and this is good for you, isn’t it?Do you know which would be a failure of mine? For you not to depend on your own powers and to fail do your job. I call your attention to it by any means; you shouldn’t be afraid of making a mistake. You are capable of taking the right decisions and not to make mistakes on important issues. And yes, you are right, the success of your department and of our company overall is at stake depending on your decisions. Nonetheless, do not worry about this, since not taking any decision will lead to a worst result. This is so simple; believe in yourselves and take a decision.

Realize that today you are in a position to achieve anything you set as a goal, and you had better know and agree with the goals of our team. In order to be totally clear I suggest that you don’t ever again dare tell me “I can’t do this” for some of our projects or plans. I am fed up with this and it doesn’t suit you. I want you to know that my patience is exhausted by all those “can’t”. Do you know why? BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS YOU CAN, I’VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES, YOU CAN!

Dear colleagues, you have assumed willingly the responsibility of your post, so play hard and do your best. Be interested for the rest of our team and make it bloom; it is your team! The above are not complaints, you have already achieved a lot, so please accept my congratulations and allow me to tell you that you deserve even better results.

Thank you in advance for all the goals you will achieve. I know I can count on you.


Dionysis Ammolochitis – President & CEO


Create more time than you need (Part II)

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I strongly believe that the scheduling of the days in Focus Days, Buffer Days and Free Days –a creation of Dan Sullivan, (see my previous article CREATE MORE TIME THAN YOU NEED, Part I)– is by itself capable to enhance your results due to the best planning and organizing of your days.

Nonetheless, time is running after us. I do not remember any seminar about time management having come to my attention and not to have booked a seat immediately


WHY? Because, no matter how many data someone gets, no matter how helpful they are, there always comes a time when you find time running after you.

How does this change? But of course with constant training and the strict observance of everything you learn. So, there comes a moment when you are the master of your time.

Let’s start with a simple question: Why is time after us? The answer might be: “Because I handle many emergencies”, “because I am the problem solver”, “for I correct others’ mistakes”, “for I am the only one who knows what to do”, “because there are not many hours during a day”.

If you agree with the most of the above answers on the question “why is time after you?”, then you can easily come to an exciting conclusion.

THE PROBLEM IS NOT LACK OF TIME BUT SOMETHING ELSE. But what is really Time? Have you ever wondered?

TIME IS THE REALIZATION OF ACTIONS IN SPACE. Conclusion: Time is in interdependence with energy and space.

Example: In order for someone to get to work in the morning, he has to drive 25 km. (space), he drives on an average of 50 km/h (energy) and he needs 30 minutes (time) to get there. This breakdown has helped me change many of my habits, and as a result I have created more time.

Examples: I go to work before the morning traffic, so I gain 20 minutes every day, only from driving, or 7,3 hours per month only by this; almost a full working day. Moreover, I have suggested that my employees coming from far away to work in the morning from their home and to come to the office when the morning traffic quiets down. Thus, Time can be arranged; we can exert our authority on it!

Would you like to know the three biggest enemies of your time? I bet you do.

1. Procrastination; not taking a decision. This is quite a waste of time, with the most important part being the fact that the moment you don’t take a decision, you have already started worrying.

The solution is to listen to your intuition (see my previous article on Intuition) and take a decision. Do not waver any more, and in case you need somebody’s opinion, make sure he is a proven authority in the field. Strange as it may sound, I have met people that were influenced by their mother, who was a housewife, regarding problems in their business, or others that used to listen to their unemployed friends on problems with their work. If you want the odds of success at your side, you have to ask advice of people who have illustrated effectiveness in their field.

2. Loose ends; the things you have to do that spin around in your mind. All those unfinished actions that distract your thinking clarity are virtually responsible for the tiredness you feel. The more the loose ends, the more your attention gets distracted. Indeed, it is like you shatter your energy –which consists of your ability to concentrate all your attention on one target and attain it– in many pieces that all try to give solutions at the same time.

The solution is to write down all of your loose ends, your unfinished actions, and after you prioritize them according to their importance, start to handle them one by one, beginning with the most important.

3. Your own double work. Probably this is the biggest source of delaying and losing of time. That is, you get a note or a project, you examine it and put it aside for later, then you get it again and at that point you deal with it.

This is the way to do double work. If you want to reduce your job by half, do it now. When you start something, be sure to finish it without any stops. Now that you know the enemies of your time, you know what you have to do. However, the concept of priority plays a key role in life.

A PRIORITY is what you should be doing first of all, something which contributes to the attainment of your goals. Personally, I have the following board at the desktop of my computer.

This board clarifies the concept of urgency and importance for me, as well as which my priorities are.

How does it clarify them? When a project comes up, I automatically categorize it on the board so that each project takes its course and the importance it deserves. As I also mention in my previous article about time management, the urgencies are not such, most of the time. So, categorize them where they belong and gain time.

I am sure that you would all agree with the fact that time is the most important tool to success. You would also agree with the fact that time is what is missing the most from the lives of active people. I hope with both of my articles to have helped you in creating more time for your priorities. All in all, I quote the maxim of the ancient Athenian politician, Antiphon, “Time is a concept or measure, not a substance”. In other words, do not say or think that you do not have time.

Instead, say: “I have time for everything”, and you will see that you will create time.


Create more time than you need (Part I)

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The most successful people I know manage to have not only a great deal of productivity but also balance in their personal life at the same time.

Dan Sullivan, founder and president of The Strategic Coach organization, reports: “People enter a new time sphere, and one of the most difficult adjustments people have to make lies in their fundamental concepts and beliefs about time management.”

He himself has created a time management program, which I also use (plus some other systems), and distinguishes the available time in three different types of days: Focus Days, Buffer* Days and Free Days.


Focus Day: it is a day that you dedicate at least 80% of your functional time for the field on which you are talented or for your specialization field, by coming in contact with people and involving in procedures that will bring the maximum results in relation to the time you invest.

In order to reach your goals you have to schedule more Focus Days and regard yourself as responsible for the attainment of your goals.

For instance, the fields in which I am talented are: public relations, presentations, financial planning and audit, and sale closing. Thus, a Focus Day for me would be a day that I would dedicate the 80% of my time for the presentation of an offer on a new customer, for the studying of our financial planning and the issuing of orders, and for the attendance of a business event, where I would probably give a speech.

Buffer Day: it is a day during which you prepare and schedule a Focus Day, by getting trained on new data, assigning tasks and projects on others, establishing a procedure or a policy, or holding an autopsy in an industrial or working space.

Buffer Days ensure that your Focus Days will be as productive as possible.

Personally, I might spend a Buffer Day on attending a seminar to enrich my knowledge; on meeting with my executive team in order to assign tasks; on rehearsing one of my speeches; on checking a presentation on a client; on training one of my executives; on interviewing; on writing down a policy, etc.

What could be regarded as a magic formula in this case is to gather all of the buffer activities at the same day, so that the Focus Days are not disorganized.

Free Day: it is day void of anything professional. You shouldn’t be available neither for phone calls nor emails; you shouldn’t even be reading magazines related to your occupation. During a free day you are not available for anyone professionally connected with you, unless there is an urgency.

Indeed, most of the incidents we describe as urgent are not such; it’s just colleagues deficient in training, responsibility or power to handle the case. When you guide your employees, your staff and your partners not to disturb you during your Free Days, you force them to enhance their skills and their confidence.

The value of the Free Days lies in the fact that you come back to work well-rested, full of enthusiasm for creation and new ideas that can boost your successfulness.

Ideally, Free Days would consist of the weekends, national holidays, vacations, which, if combined with nature trips, gain more value.

For those having kids, a Free Day could sometimes be the one they entrust their kids in a relative or a baby-sitter, and they just take care for themselves for a change.

It is really pleasing to see people around me to enjoy a life full of happy moments and creation.Qualitative time management could offer you great satisfaction and success.

More data on time management will be included in my next article, where I will be reporting an inspiring definition of time, the three biggest enemies of your time, as well as specific time saving actions and time allocation based on priorities.

*Buffer: to insulate against or protect from shock; cushion. (Collins Dictionary)