Dionysis Ammolochitis

The importance of the correct data

We all have our own beliefs!

A belief is the point of view through which someone views a thing; the opinion one has for something. Thus, it is something subjective which constantly changes in the course of time.

The views we hold are based on received data and, indeed, they form our personality. All those views are the expression of the ability of reasoning that we have gained as individuals.


In order for a view to radically change, it should be our own decision. Of course, we are influenced by others, but it’s only us who could wholly change a view we share.

The fact that the views each one of us have determine our future, our life and, many times, the lives of other people in our environment is what makes them so important.

The reason I am writing this essay is because I have observed crimes regarding this subject.

  • I have observed that many people are willing to help someone that asks for their opinion on a specific subject without having the slightest knowledge about it, and definitely no relative results regarding to the subject.
  • I have also noticed that many people assume the role of the uninvited advisor as “experts” that know everything, without having ever done anything noteworthy themselves. In the end, they manage to generate doubts in anyone who wants to make an effort to achieve something.
  • A third category is formed by the critical ones that all they do is discourage and bringing down everyone that they address to.

Stop! Don’t do such crimes!

  • Rule No 1: Receive advice from proven connoisseurs of the subject. For instance, receive business advice from a successful businessman, familial advice from people who have a happy family, advice on health issues from professional doctors etc.
  • Rule No 2: Do not allow anyone to lessen your goals. Some of the people who do it really care for you, and they believe that in this manner they are protecting you. Nonetheless, the only thing they achieve is to sow the seeds of doubt within you leading you to dissuasion from your goals.
  • Rule No 3: The easiest and most observable situation involves the critical people. You spot them by the bitterness with which they saturate others. In this situation things are simple, you whip them off your life. If this is not possible due to close relations with them, you make it clear that you won’t tolerate any censure – in the beginning in a gentle manner and then, (if they don’t seem to understand) more intensely.

All in all, pay a lot of attention on what you insert in your mind; malnutrition ruins the body and false data ruin the mind. So be careful regarding whom do you get advice from and whose data you adopt.

Personally, I receive many correct data from top books written by renowned individuals from all over the world, and they helped me a great deal in my success.

I cite some of my best suggestions:

  • GRAND CARDONE, Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • NAPOLEON HILL, Think and Grow Rich
  • JACK CANFIELD, The Success Principles
  • ROBIN SHARMA, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
  • ANTHONY ROBBINS, Unlimited Power
  • RHONDA BYRNE, The secret