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Corporate vision as a business expansion tool

The most important tool for an organization that seeks to expand is its vision. Proper communication and training on that create the so-called visionaries within the organization.

Article in HR Professional (11/2015)

Just as there are the natural laws of the universe, which apply regardless of whether somebody believes in them, so too some laws exist for the organizations. A law that applies to any organization is that it consists of its vision, its people, and its processes, that is, the components that should work in a coordinated fashion.

Anyone who fully understands that an organization consists of those things alone will be able to understand how a group, a company, a society, or a country is working. Any organization, in order to expand and not simply survive, should do the following, in this order of significance.

  • To have a clear and fully understood vision, which would be constantly strengthened by communicating and educating all people at all levels of the organization chart.

The vision must not be related to monetary value nor to figures. The vision should mention something that only in its thinking the executives who serve it will jump off their bed when they wake up because they will know they have an important purpose in their lives. I very often encounter organizations in which the vision is publicized only to the senior executives. Several either think that the lower levels in a company’s organization chart are made up of people who are unable to understand the vision, or do not consider it important to engage them.

This is untrue. The vision must be publicized as intensely and as often as possible starting from the lower tiers of the organizational chart. All people need a purpose to work. And money do not play the first role on it; it is important for them to know that they are working for something greater, that their labor will bring a result in society. This makes people work with their soul and not because of the salary they need.

  • To increase its processes either by creating new ones or by changing the existing ones.

How many times have we not seen newly recruited executives who fail to successfully carry out their duties? How many times have we not been surprised by unexpected resignations of competent executives? How many times have we not seen our executives confused by an increased number of obligations with a strict timetable?

The root cause for all of the above could easily be found to be the lack of proper procedures within an organization. The right process is one that clarifies the order in which things have to be done to complete a cycle of action.

  • To increase its processes either by creating new ones or by changing the existing ones.

When there is proper control and intention within a group, the results will always be positive to a certain extent. In order to have a lasting development, the organization must constantly train its people and add new, capable and good persons to its work force.

  • To multiply the exchange of its products with the main purpose of exchanging revenues to be higher than the costs for its needs.

A product is a complete, high quality service or item in the hands of a consumer as an exchange for something valuable. Outflow is what exits an organization. To achieve outflow extroversion and communication is required. Inflow is what enters an organization, and that is usually money. The rule is that inflow is always to the same degree proportional to outflow.

The proliferation of exchange is almost exclusively a result of the proliferation of the outflow of the organization. Based on the above, we could conclude that, on the one hand, the first important tool for an organization that wants to expand is his vision, and on the other hand that proper communication and education creates within it the so-called Visionaries. Visionary is the person who dreams of a better tomorrow, and who fights wholeheartedly for it.