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Why do I do what I do?

Why do I do what I do? Do I like what I do?

Important questions that have undoubtedly tormented all of us and to which the answer is often either vague or unsatisfactory.


I will start my article referring to some moments from my childhood. Well, when I was 5-6 years old and some older people asked me the classic question of what I want to be when I grow up, the answer I gave (as my mother told me a few years later) was that I want to be in a big office and they hit constantly the phones and a lot of people coming in. Then the others felt a little embarrassed wondering why I was saying that.

Later, at the age of 12-13, I had found in an old trash an old sign that read “General Manager”. I picked it up and placed it on the door of my room. It was clear what I wanted to do with my life. I did not know how to express it more specifically, I was obviously ashamed, but I knew what I wanted.

This fact helped me when the time came for me to decide what to do with my life. And I can say for sure that what I do is what I dreamed of as a child.
All the difficulties of the world would not be able to stop me.

And do you know why?   WHY I HAD A VISION!     

I knew what I wanted to do and I knew why I wanted to do it. Of course the reason was constantly changing, but there was always a reason I knew myself.

I’m sure many people will have experienced something similar; from a very young age they would have signs of what they want to do. Did they finally do what they wanted? This is the key issue here.

We all agree that what matters to a person’s happiness is not necessarily how much money he makes from the profession he does, but whether what he does is what he dreamed of doing. How many examples from friends and associates each of us has, who followed the path of someone else and not their own. For example, someone wanted to become a musician but became a doctor because his father was a doctor. And there are many similar examples.

The message I want to convey is, first, to realize that all this is real, it is true and unfortunately a common phenomenon. The consequences are quite painful – I have seen it happen next to me. People who ultimately do not like what they do, do it mechanically and without any pleasure, without any interest in development, without love.

Result : Moderation, misery, jealousy and other negative emotions.

But the good news is that we are human! We are not trees! We can move! We can change! You know, one of the greatest abilities of man is the ability to change his decision. Do not waste time if you do not like what you do. Find the courage to change your life. There is nothing more important for someone than to be a cause in his life, that is, to lead his life where he wants and not to become a slave to it.

And for those of you who think this is a big risk, let me say, my friends, that the biggest risk is what you take now and it leads you with mathematical precision to mediocrity and misery.

Look around you. Almost everyone knows what they are doing.
They have a title, a so-called property. Another is a lawyer, another a secretary, another a distributor…. It is, it is, it… Most people know how to do it. The lawyer knows the laws and defends his client, the secretary knows how to correspond and take notes, etc.

But only a few know why they do what they do!      

The answer to why a person does what he does is what highlights the purpose. It shows someone what their vision is, what is the reason they do what they do.

And that is what gives the real power. The real power comes from the individual’s own voluntary decision to do what he wants. When he knows why he is doing it, this force multiplies and shields him to the point that nothing can stop him.

So ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing.
Do not stop wondering until you are absolutely sure of your honest answer. Change what does not satisfy you and live your life to the fullest. Do not make discounts for any reason.

With love,