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Create more time than you need (Part II)

I strongly believe that the scheduling of the days in Focus Days, Buffer Days and Free Days –a creation of Dan Sullivan, (see my previous article CREATE MORE TIME THAN YOU NEED, Part I)– is by itself capable to enhance your results due to the best planning and organizing of your days.

Nonetheless, time is running after us. I do not remember any seminar about time management having come to my attention and not to have booked a seat immediately


WHY? Because, no matter how many data someone gets, no matter how helpful they are, there always comes a time when you find time running after you.

How does this change? But of course with constant training and the strict observance of everything you learn. So, there comes a moment when you are the master of your time.

Let’s start with a simple question: Why is time after us? The answer might be: “Because I handle many emergencies”, “because I am the problem solver”, “for I correct others’ mistakes”, “for I am the only one who knows what to do”, “because there are not many hours during a day”.

If you agree with the most of the above answers on the question “why is time after you?”, then you can easily come to an exciting conclusion.

THE PROBLEM IS NOT LACK OF TIME BUT SOMETHING ELSE. But what is really Time? Have you ever wondered?

TIME IS THE REALIZATION OF ACTIONS IN SPACE. Conclusion: Time is in interdependence with energy and space.

Example: In order for someone to get to work in the morning, he has to drive 25 km. (space), he drives on an average of 50 km/h (energy) and he needs 30 minutes (time) to get there. This breakdown has helped me change many of my habits, and as a result I have created more time.

Examples: I go to work before the morning traffic, so I gain 20 minutes every day, only from driving, or 7,3 hours per month only by this; almost a full working day. Moreover, I have suggested that my employees coming from far away to work in the morning from their home and to come to the office when the morning traffic quiets down. Thus, Time can be arranged; we can exert our authority on it!

Would you like to know the three biggest enemies of your time? I bet you do.

1. Procrastination; not taking a decision. This is quite a waste of time, with the most important part being the fact that the moment you don’t take a decision, you have already started worrying.

The solution is to listen to your intuition (see my previous article on Intuition) and take a decision. Do not waver any more, and in case you need somebody’s opinion, make sure he is a proven authority in the field. Strange as it may sound, I have met people that were influenced by their mother, who was a housewife, regarding problems in their business, or others that used to listen to their unemployed friends on problems with their work. If you want the odds of success at your side, you have to ask advice of people who have illustrated effectiveness in their field.

2. Loose ends; the things you have to do that spin around in your mind. All those unfinished actions that distract your thinking clarity are virtually responsible for the tiredness you feel. The more the loose ends, the more your attention gets distracted. Indeed, it is like you shatter your energy –which consists of your ability to concentrate all your attention on one target and attain it– in many pieces that all try to give solutions at the same time.

The solution is to write down all of your loose ends, your unfinished actions, and after you prioritize them according to their importance, start to handle them one by one, beginning with the most important.

3. Your own double work. Probably this is the biggest source of delaying and losing of time. That is, you get a note or a project, you examine it and put it aside for later, then you get it again and at that point you deal with it.

This is the way to do double work. If you want to reduce your job by half, do it now. When you start something, be sure to finish it without any stops. Now that you know the enemies of your time, you know what you have to do. However, the concept of priority plays a key role in life.

A PRIORITY is what you should be doing first of all, something which contributes to the attainment of your goals. Personally, I have the following board at the desktop of my computer.

This board clarifies the concept of urgency and importance for me, as well as which my priorities are.

How does it clarify them? When a project comes up, I automatically categorize it on the board so that each project takes its course and the importance it deserves. As I also mention in my previous article about time management, the urgencies are not such, most of the time. So, categorize them where they belong and gain time.

I am sure that you would all agree with the fact that time is the most important tool to success. You would also agree with the fact that time is what is missing the most from the lives of active people. I hope with both of my articles to have helped you in creating more time for your priorities. All in all, I quote the maxim of the ancient Athenian politician, Antiphon, “Time is a concept or measure, not a substance”. In other words, do not say or think that you do not have time.

Instead, say: “I have time for everything”, and you will see that you will create time.