Dionysis Ammolochitis


Follow my speeches on events I have participated in.
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View my speech at the 2nd Energizing Forum where I emphasized that Manifest invests in events that promote the country’s green development and transition.

Watch my presentation at Leading Minds CEOs ’Day, where I talk about Goals and Success, as I have experienced them in my career.

After all, it all started with an ATOS.

Watch my speech on the Mindspace YouTube channel, helping the future entrepreneurs of our country through its own story.

Decision is perhaps the most powerful tool of life, to make a decision requires a real need that has to do with survival. The decision for him is to chart the road himself without being limited. Decision means action. Creation. Our decisions create the conditions for our survival, so others choose to live simply by surviving and others to survive by living!

TEDx Chania 2019.

What are the basics of a business, what do you need to have to succeed, the story of my life and how I created a company of millions from scratch – things that can inspire you to pursue your dreams and goals!

Watch my speech at ThinkBiz 2019.

My position in the discussion on “The challenge of multi-generational leadership” held at Delphi Forum 2019.

During the meeting organized by the Group #Destothetika, I spoke about the challenges I faced in the journey of search and pursuit so far. My determination led me from zero to today that I am going through the happiest period in my life. If you really want it, you too can achieve all your personal goals.

Follow my speech, in the context of the 5th Annual Economic Conference of the Hellenic Business Association (EENE), οn “From Recovery to Rapid Growth. Goal: Hellas 2021 “, participated top representatives of the business, academic and political scene of the place. (Tuesday, July 10, 2018) In the 3rd period of the conference, in which I presented my positions, the methods and future goals were developed as “Subversive Business Schemes” of companies and organizations.

Watch my talk at the Delphi Economic Forum ΙΙΙ conference. 230 speakers, representatives of the domestic, European and international political scene, university professors and young prominent entrepreneurs, developed their views on the “New Globalization and Growth Challenges” (1- March 4, 2018). On the last day of the Delphi Economic Forum and coordinated by journalists Mrs. Elena Papadimitriou and Mr. Nikos Andritsos, I was positioned as a “Young Leader” on modern business and what it means for the Manifesto “Collaboration and Leadership for Sustainability”.

For the 3rd consecutive year, the annual event organized by  Manifest, took place, with the theme “Networking under the light of stars … wisdom” At this event we had the pleasure and honor to host as speakers Mr. Nanopoulos and Mr. Myropoulos. See the welcome I addressed to the honorable attendees who honored us with their presence.

In the context of the communication and the extroversion that characterizes it, Manifest could only be the Grand Sponsor of the Panhellenic Meeting for the Strategic Role of Facilities Management, at 2ο Facility Management Conference organized by Boussias Communications, on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 in a central hotel in Athens.

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Words fly … Numbers stay

With the message “Map the future and leave the rest to us”, Manifest participated, together with the leading companies in the field of retail, in the Self Service CEO Forum 2015 conference, organized by Self Service magazine and held on March 17th, 2015 in conference room Daisy.

In my speech, I outlined and documented with unquestionable accuracy the numbers, the way in which the new branch of Facility Management can increase the profit margin of supermarkets.

Work or Game?

Manifest Services participated in the Global Sustain event, in the context of Capital + Vision 2014 that took place on October 31 in Aigli Zappeiou.

What I presented as a speaker at the event was how “Play and Enthusiasm” can be sustainable and responsible examples of an organization’s innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The vision guides the people of Manifest

I believe that vision is the driving force of an organization and one of its three main pillars along with the people who make it up and the processes that define it. So, whoever is in the Manifest team has a specific mission to Greece, which is to try to make our country better!

In this way I shared with the people and friends of Manifest the vision of our company during the pie cutting event for 2016, on February 13, 2016, at the exhibition center of EEDE.

People, Ethics and Innovation

Manifest, present again this year at the 3rd Security Project 2015 conference held with great success at the Titania Hotel, on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 April. Through my talk on “People, Ethics and Innovation, a New Order in Security”, I presented Manifest’s anthropocentric approach to Security.

At the same time at the company’s stand, visitors had the opportunity to see in detail the new innovative Remote Surveillance Service.

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Do I Cope with the New Tax Provisions or Do I Organize My Production?

Is taxation an insurmountable obstacle for a company? Is it treated and how? Is it a goal or one of the obstacles that modern business has to face?

FM in connection to Europe, Manifest and Greece

Recognizing the need for the rapidly evolving Facility Management industry, Boussias Communications and Plant Management organized on May 27 the first Facility Management Conference, the first nationwide meeting on the strategic role of facility management, sponsored by Manifest.

The conference was a complete success and its organization will be an institution for the Facility Management industry. The presence of Manifest stole the impressions as through the speeches of colleagues but also through my own speech, we informed the participants about the course of Manifest and its successful effort to contribute to the development of the industry.

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Manifest & Circular Economy

See my talk entitled “Manifest & Circular Economy”

The Concept of Money

The exchange of views and the presentation of best practices in the operating conditions of companies with the current crisis and the additional burden due to recent capital controls were the topics of Hands-on Business Finance 2015 , which was organized on 24/09/2015 by Boussias Communications.
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