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The Power of Decision

The Power of Decision. You can do it.

In a few days I will have the honor to make a speech at TEDx and I am very happy about this opportunity. For several years, my intention has been to help as many people as possible, so for that reason I am constantly transmitting the data I have used, which brought me to where I am. Through this speech, I will be able to share my successful actions on a larger scale.


I am very excited and troubled at the same time! Which exactly should be the subject of my speech? Should I report how I manage to grow my business? Should I mention the specific ways and means I used to get to this point?

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to refer to the basis, the beginning. Everything I have done and everything I will do is based on DECISION, my own decision. I think that making a decision is the beginning of everything and the most powerful foundation of any successful activity.

So, I decided that my speech will be about the power of decision.

Yes, you might say that this is reasonable since in order to do something, you have to make a decision first, how else would you do it? Well, you are right, but how easy is it to make a decision and especially the right one? How can you recognize that this is your decision and not someone else’s choice, or is delimited within a framework of specified choices?

Dear friends, in order for someone to make a decision, he must first go through the difficult process of really learning about himself.

Now, how does one learn about himself?

Well, that’s the hardest part. Honest self-criticism on all matters that make up one’s life is required – I give you some examples of questions that need to be answered.

Do I really love myself? How much do I care for my body? How much time do I spend to learn new things? What are my thoughts about myself? Am I good at my job? How much better could I become at what I do? Do I treat others as I would like to be treated? Do I give a good example to those around me? What do I want to change in me? Do I give love to my family? Am I fulfilled with my life? Do I feel complete?

These and other similar questions will ultimately lead to the conclusion of who I really am.

Once this stage is concluded (which just needs to reach a good point, because we as people are constantly changing and such questions will never stop troubling us), we will have reached a good level of self-awareness that allows us to better understand who we are. All in all, this enables us to decide what we want to do.

This is the point that we make decisions; the point at which we know what we really want to do. Then we make our real decisions.

You know, the power of decision is shocking. Decision means action, means creation.

How will you understand whether you live your life in your own decisions?

When you wake up full of energy, when you see the sun brighter than it really is, when you feel happy without a specific reason, then, my friends, you live in your own decisions.

Believe me, YOU CAN DO IT! I have seen and felt it, it is feasible.

For more data look forward to my speech, until then I hope you are doing well!