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Creating Steadfast Teams in the Workplace

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how incredible a leader you are, without the right team to back you, keeping your business afloat is sure to prove a gargantuan, exhausting task. Every business owner needs the support of a healthy, happy, productive workforce.


To help you achieve this, here are some tips for creating stellar, steadfast teams that you know you can count on:

  • Start by Getting to Know separately each one of the Individuals

Every team is made up of individuals with their own personalities, personal goals and values. Before you can start building teams that will be sure to function optimally, you need to understand these aspects of every individual and especially of their values. Values are the beliefs of each individual about what is right and wrong, good and bad. A simple way to find out each person’s personal beliefs and what this individual considers important in his life, is through meetings on a face-to-face basis. It is essential to know what the values are of each individual, in order to motivate them on a deeper level.

  • Monitor the Workings of the Team

Deliver the roles you have assigned within the team and define its leader. Make sure that the action plan is clear and well understood by all team members and at this point your job has just begun.

You have to monitor on a weekly basis the results of the team. Initially, in order to evaluate results you must have established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and have determined clear and realistic goals. If you get inadequate results do not accept justifications, but ask from the team leader an action plan in order to change results.

  • Praise the good results

Don’t let any good result to pass by without some form of rewarding. It need not be something spectacular, but even just a highly professional behavior or a small positive result, or a simple new idea, or any kind of help. It is very important to remind your employees the “right” way and this can be easily done in two ways: by recognizing and appraising the good work and, by giving yourself the good example.

  • Communicate the good news.

Positive communication is key when it comes to most business dealings. The spread-out of bad and negative news will have disastrous consequences to the function of your business since the first thing that happens when bad news circulates is to disorganize all the employees. You have to create a policy where bad news are strictly communicated only to people that need to handle the situation. On the contrary, good news should be made known to all departments of your business. 

At Manifest, a reliable facilities management company, we have a specific procedure for this: all the good news head to a certain person, so when something good is communicated to them, they have a bell and go around the offices ringing that bell and spreading the news. Good news create excitement that helps increase productivity.

  • Reinforce the vision of your company

The vision of your company is (or should be) the most powerful motivation tool for your entire team. It is the main reason why you get out of bed every day, full of energy ready to start a productive new day. The vision is the team’s main goal, its ideals, the reason why they put so much effort and the main aspect that keeps their spirit high. Vision should be often and strongly be communicated to all of the company’s ranks because it is the best and safest way to inspire people.

In conclusion one thing is certain: you will need time and assistance to create efficient teams within your company. The main elements for a leader to consider in building a steadfast team are faith, dedication to their goals and lack of compromise to everything that is opposed to their vision.