Dionysis Ammolochitis


Dear Visitor, 

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dionysis, I am 43 years old, I am married to an amazing woman named Cleopatra, and we have a beautiful son.

I started my professional career at the age of twenty as an employee, and at my twenty-six years I founded Manifest. The years that followed its establishment are of great interest, but what is more important is the position I managed to conquer.

I feel absolutely satisfied with my life, since I have managed to have a happy family, a model company according to Greek data, two relatively new companies (a consulting and a real estate one), while I enjoy business recognition as an active member of the top business clubs in Greece.

I believe all that I have achieved is nothing in the face of what I will achieve in the near future, and do you know why? Because I have decided it and I know how to do it now.
I have decided to constantly create new and powerful sources of income, and I have also decided to help as many people as I can succeed in their lives.

Success, you know, is not a distant dream; professional and personal recognition are not fantastic hidden treasures for people – they are real and can be achieved right away in any part of the world.
That’s what I’m going to try to impart to you. Since I made it, why can’t you do it too?
I am not a monster of intellect, nor did I find anything set; I worked hard, I made sacrifices, I found the way and I did it.

I want to help you on your journey for success.
It is my basic purpose to help other people achieve what I have achieved.

Read carefully everything I write on my website. They are so powerful by themselves that can almost awaken someone who is stunned by the frustration of failure.

I will be more than glad to meet you at one of my events or seminars.
Until then, if you don’t do it already, do one thing: Believe in yourself! That is the most powerful weapon you have: you!

Yours sincerely,
Dionysis Ammolochitis

Dionysis Ammolochitis, Founder & CEO, Manifest Services

Dionysis Ammolochitis is the founder and CEO of Manifest Services and Manifest Security companies operating in the field of Facility Management.

He began his professional career as a Sales Executive in IT sector and then he entered facility management sector.

Getting familiarized with facility management, he realized the dominant part it has in the smooth every day operation of companies combined with great growth potential in Greek market.

By having studied leading multinational companies, he spotted local market needs in facility management services. He distinguished the absence of a company that can provide the full range of relative services and act as reliable and consistent business partner.

In 2003 he established Manifest Services and 15 years of continued business development and successful course followed. Dionysis Ammolochitis warmly participates in activities targeting the development of facility management in Greece, the understanding towards its importance and its role considering corporate social responsibility. He acts in order to share this business philosophy, the one he acquired by the management of the businesses he runs.

Finally, he is a member of Hellenic Association of Entrepreneurs (EENE), CEO Clubs Greece, friends of the Academy of Athens and a founding member of the Hellenic Facility Management Association (HFMA).

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