Dionysis Ammolochitis

We redefine security issues

Below you can see the interview I gave to Security magazine  (September-October 2014 issue) breaking free from the trivial and highlighting a different approach.

As you will see, I am redefining many of the critical aspects of security issues and the operation of a security business. 

1. The market for private security services is now highly competitive and demanding. What information does a security company need to have in order to successfully respond to the modern environment

First of all, I would like to emphasize that a big gap has been created between the requirements of a safe environment from the reality that exists in the Greek market. The apparent economic downturn has led to a devaluation of the security sector at a time when the need for modernization and a more comprehensive approach is more necessary than ever.

I do not want to talk more about this situation, anyone who moves in the market knows what is happening.

Now, when it comes to the details of a reputable security company, I could tackle and analyze the trivial ones, namely organization, know-how, hierarchy, structure, etc. But I will not do it because apart from the obvious, I think things are much simpler. At least that is our approach.

So the key is to have excellent “hearing” and a high level of observation. To listen to your customer’s need or to “scan” all the data to deliver solutions to his real need. Next, you need to have insight and “imagination”.

It goes without saying that investments in infrastructure, infrastructure and know-how must have been made in order to turn this need into a final valuable service, and, finally, integrity and ethics in order to provide this service at the best value for money. with a constant tendency to self-improvement.

2. So how does Manifest – Security approach a security project it undertakes in the first phase? Is there a road map you follow?

For the entire Manifest Security team, each new project is treated with the uniqueness it deserves, gathers our attention and a sense of responsibility from the first moment.

As you can see in our renewed site ( www . Manifest – security . Gr ), our basic belief is that the security of a space can not be limited to the narrow context of physical security . It is a wide range of functions, procedures and forecasts that need to be constantly updated and adjusted. We operate on this logic in all the projects we undertake.

From the first communications with the security manager of our client, the process of recording and observing all aspects of its operation begins for us in order to create written procedures.

At the same time, an evaluation of the existing procedures and / or instructions and a vulnerability study of the installation are “running”  . All the above together with the emergency plans will compose the maintenance manual of the specific project.

Of course, none of the above will yield the maximum profits if the so-called security awareness is not fully adopted by the users of the facility (I am referring to the customer’s employees) . So even there we give special importance with continuous dissemination of knowledge and free training to our customers.

3. No project, however well designed, can be carried out without the right staff. So how do we select, evaluate and train staff working in the sensitive and critical area of ​​security services?

M th made a very interesting question, so I start it whenever called upon to answer it, difficult to hold fire and not to mention the ‘situation’ that we all know and most accepted.

You talked about suitable staff. Suitable for what? To deliver quality services, or suitable for the numbers to “come out”?

How to choose staff how? Based on his training and formal qualifications or based on the price at which someone sold a 24-hour security for example? Should we evaluate his performance objectively and with the appropriate tools, or should we “do” how we pay him and he “does” how he is interested in his work?

I think you understand where I am referring, and that is the past. Greece is changing and the wrong texts in the industry are no longer acceptable, as they are proven to be ineffective.

But to return to your question, we have clear goals, both qualitative and quantitative, and we implement a management system that satisfies both the keeper and the customer and our company. And we know that this way we will be completely profitable in the long run.

So taking it for granted that our good people are the ones who differentiate us from other companies, we handle the issues that concern them as follows:

  • We select our staff following a specific methodology, through which we evaluate the candidates in terms of their studies, experience, personality and suitability for a specific job.

  • We evaluate our people on a quarterly basis in 4 levels:

  1. General characteristics
  2.  assimilation of education
  3.  psychometric control
  4.  physical fitness
  • We provide comprehensive training designed to upgrade their cognitive level and be able to deliver high quality services.

It is also worth noting that one of our most valuable practices is called “recognition”, and it is what, when done rightly and for the right reasons, makes people feel powerful and valuable. And this is what we want our guards to feel, because that is simply what it is for us.

4. What are your competitive advantages? Why should anyone trust Manifest Security ?

Our only competitive advantage is that we were a 100% subsidiary of Manifest Services , one of the leading Facility Management companies in Greece. This in itself gives us a technological lead and a know-how that only we can have. One believes that security has nothing to do with the electromechanical installation of a building, or has nothing to do with renovations, or even the way other ancillary services are provided, such as cleaning.

Our most basic strengths are:

  1. The high standard of our people,

  2. Our credit rating,

  3. The hundreds of satisfied customers of our group,

  4. The latest equipment we have,

  5. Our management systems,

  6. Our infrastructure.

Finally, a surprise awaits the market, since we were already designing a smartphone application , with which our customers will be able to handle all security issues 24 hours a day from their mobile phone. This will bring another innovation, since we will be the only company that will provide in each of its projects a tablet for the digitization of all processes and functions.

As we understand it, we have come to create a new situation, in which the concept of security will find its rightful place as far as the importance for each person or organization is concerned.