Dionysis Ammolochitis

The rising power of the economy is Facility Management

In the interview I gave to Capital.gr and it was published on April 13, 2017, I present the characteristics of the Facility Management sector, the size of which exceeds 3 billion euros, while at the same time I analyze the philosophy and goals of Manifest Services. Also, in the interview that follows, you can see what exactly 21st FM serves and the reasons why the company became an investor. 

– Mr. Ammolochitis, the field of Facility Management is showing an increase in its relevant activity in recent years. What are your predictions for the course of the industry?

The branch of integrated Facility Management services is constantly developing in recent years worldwide, while in Greece it is still in an initial stage of development. We really believe that in the country we are laying the foundations for the proper development of the industry.  

It is worth noting that facility management is the rising force of the economy and in the near future, the modernization of the industry and the development of innovative services, as Manifest realizes, will give impetus to this sector and will really help our country on many levels. (economically, socially, fight against corruption, etc.).  

It is for these reasons that Facility Management is a rising force in the global economy.  

It is characteristic that the turnover of the sector constitutes 5% -8% of GDP in European countries, while it is worth noting that in 2014 it increased to 2.94 billion Euros and has now exceeded 3. billion.

– What is the philosophy of Manifest Services?

Manifest, creates the industry in which it operates, constantly improving the company itself and its services. Following the most modern practices and constantly focusing on the improvement of the services provided, it has managed on the one hand to provide one of the best final products and on the other hand to contribute to the progress and development of the industry in our country.  

The philosophy of the company is centered on the human being. The experienced human resources that make up the different branches of the company can provide quality, high level services. At the same time, the purpose of the company is to take care of the people of the companies it undertakes to give their best, creating added value for businesses, society and the economy. Our goal is to create added value for our customers, supporting the smooth operation of companies and contributing to the creation of a suitable working environment to maximize employee performance and at the same time reduce business costs.

The Southbridge investment fund recently made a significant investment in the Manifest. Tell us a few words about this investment and the future course of the company.

The continuous upward course of Manifest, as well as the growth prospects of the company caused strong investment interest, given the dynamics recorded by the industry.  

Thus, SouthBridge, an investment fund that supports companies in Europe to enhance their sustainable growth, invested in us by recognizing our value and giving Manifest the opportunity to accelerate growth and expand its operations.  

The results of the investment are already reflected in the increase of the executives, in the new technologies that we adopt, as well as in the big projects that we have undertaken or are claiming.

– What is the activity of Manifest Services outside Greece and what exactly does the organization 21st FM serve?

One of the advantages of Manifest is the ability to provide high quality services with flexibility in 7 European countries through the 21st FM consortium.

The increase of the demand for our services in the general context of the global supply by 60%, but also the extroversion that characterizes the Manifest were the main parameters for this initiative.  

Named 21stFM, the association was formed by five leading European market players aiming to offer specialist, tailored solutions based on essential corporate needs, infrastructure projects, facility management and related services for global corporate clients. at European Regional level.