Dionysis Ammolochitis

The power of entrepreneurship against the crisis

Below you can read the interview I gave to the Business Coaching Lab (August 2013) on the “secret of success”.

1. What is your favorite saying / quote that has influenced / inspired you?

Enemy of the good the best.

2. What is the motivation that keeps you going every day?

I do not compromise with any other position below No. 1 in what I do.

3. Why do you do what you do?

Because this is what I wanted from a young child, because I can not imagine myself doing anything else, because I love what I do and so I feel very lucky and happy.

4. What made you start?

A simple circumstance and a man who believed in me on the first day, armed me with strength and self-confidence.

5. How do you deal with the current crisis?

I do not believe in the meaning of the word “crisis” as they try to impose on us. I see an opportunity through the intense change we are experiencing.

6. How do you overcome failures?

I experience them, I am consciously upset, I consider them as the basis for success to come and I am not afraid to express them.

7. What is the important characteristic that an entrepreneur must have in order to succeed in this period?

To believe in his strengths and to think positively about himself in general, and to be a leader for his team.

8. What do you think is the solution to get our country out of the crisis?

To assimilate immediately and effectively the new data, which we must do anyway, and to believe that the solution for the country starts with the change of personal mentality.

9. What advice would you give if you had a new entrepreneur in front of you?

I do not consider myself competent or experienced enough to give advice. My recipe has as its main ingredients hard work, faith and perseverance.

10. Where do you get inspiration to continue?

From people who believe in me both professionally and personally.

11. How has the crisis changed you?

Seeing an opportunity to achieve our goals faster is more militant.

12. What criteria do you use to staff your business?

I want sweet and positive people around me, whose character traits express the need for everyone to be the best in the world at what they do, whatever that is.

13. What is the secret of your success that you would like to share with us?

In my opinion, successes are recorded in the personal life of everyone, in the business arena there is a constant struggle and small victories that simply reward our effort and are not recorded as successes.

14. How do you see things evolving in the future?

I think positively and try with all my might to close my ears to the destructive sirens. When I succeed, I see all the developments as positive and only then do positive events happen.

15. How do you motivate the people around you to share your vision?

Exemplifying them with my attitude and constantly trying to make them better professionals, focusing on the positive elements of everyone.

16. What is your best idea that could not be realized?

To go out of business in Greece, a fact that I hope will take place soon.

17. What was the best and worst moment of your career?

I live all my moments very intensely and I can not single out any. I often experience both good and bad moments. I believe that they all have their value.