Dionysis Ammolochitis

In the show “Roads of Development” of EEDE on the SBC channel

Below you can watch the discussion that emerged from my meeting with the journalist Ath. Papandropoulos, who hosted me on the SBC channel on Monday, November 2, 2015.

Based on the successful course of the companies of which I am the CEO and their admittedly excellent financial results, I had the opportunity to explain that this performance is due to some classic characteristics of all successful companies, such as high emotional state, proper control, careful financial planning, proper and large production.

I also documented how high ethics, the vision that is constantly communicated to everyone, the constant effort for extroversion, lifelong learning, the right policies and procedures “fortify” the company in difficult times and ensure not only survival but also growth. .

Considering the positive growth of companies as the safe basis for new business activities, I talked about my new plans in the service sector, as well as my desire to transfer my experience in business management and to those managers or entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills. with the establishment of a college in early 2016.

Video available in Greek language: