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How to Start a Business without any Provisions

With this article I will attempt to provide you with personal information and principles that helped me start my business. I do not intend to boast, but to offer you those principles that assisted me personally to reach the point where I am now.

To begin with, I remember how many plans I had for the future when I was 20 years old. Nonetheless, I could never imagine I would get to this point I am now. Indeed, I had no provisions to develop myself into a successful businessman; I would say totally the opposite could apply. In particular, I had attended no university, I had no working capital, I didn’t have the economic support of anyone, I had no clue of what I should do and I definitely had bad habits, I was not coming from a wealthy family, I didn’t have the proper contacts and I knew nothing of businesses.

PRINCIPLE No 1: You don’t need to have something in order to attain something.

Something important that helped me through was the fact that I was studying constantly books on self-improvement and the biographies of great people. In one of those books I discovered a method on how to set goals, how to make them clear, how to analyze them and how to achieve them. So for some reasons, at some point I took a paper and I wrote down “I want to start a cleaning company” and I analyzed what I should do in order to reach my goal.

PRINCIPLE No 2: You should write down clear-cut goals.

By the age of 25 I had already been working for 2 years in an informatics company as a salesman. What I used to do was to continuously study the products I was selling and to work twice the time of my colleagues. As a result I was making really good money for my age.

At some point I made a sale in a cleaning company. After the completion of the sale, the directors of the company offered me professional cooperation by offering me half of the money I was already making at that time. I remembered of my goal, I thought of how close this brings me, and I accepted at once.

PRINCIPLE No 3: You have to take risks and to be ready to make sacrifices if needed.

After six months that I was working for the cleaning company they failed to observe our agreement and they underestimated me as an employee. I immediately quit and took the decision to start my own company.

PRINCIPLE No 4: Get practical knowledge of the field which you will engage in.

On top of that, I “obliged” my mother to quit her job and to help me start. So, suddenly I was responsible for both my survival and my mother’s, since we had no other resources.

PRINCIPLE No 5: Do not be afraid to assume more responsibility that what you had; it works as a catalyst to success.

I do not mean to present it as simple and easy. I just want to emphasize the fact that it’s doable, like everything else someone truly desires. The hardest part is to make the start in order to make your dream come true. After that, everything still lies in your hands, but it’s the start in which most people fail. They do not start. They are afraid to dare.

PRINCIPLE No 6: Start without overthinking it.

What I have learned is that he, who dares, wins!

He, who has learned to dare, sooner or later will succeed. As the ancient historian Thucydides had correctly put it: “Fortune favours the bold”. All in all, I would like to encourage you to be released by anything that prevents you from starting your own business, and to take the very first step: believing that you can make it and do not let anyone convince you for the opposite.