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Hospitality Design is the Next Big Thing

As Richard Branson has said many times before, it’s not your clients who should come first – it’s your employees! Ultimately, if your employees are happy, they will see to it that your clients are too. It is because of this that there has recently been a big shift from that of old-school facilities management to something called ‘hospitality design’, which refers to a focus on building offices and workspaces around the people who inhabit them – as well as their unique needs, wants and expectations.

Wellness Equals Productivity

A few years ago, most business owners would hire facilities management companies purely to ensure that their workplaces were operating at maximum efficiency. Nowadays, while this is obviously still a priority, facilities management companies are also being hired to ensure that all employees’ needs are being properly met.

Wellness in the workplace is a massive trend right now! And, no, we are not referring to basic workplace safety. We are talking about going the extra mile to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of each individual worker you, as a business owner, employ. With a strong focus on wellness, employee retention and decreasing employee turnover are easier than ever before.

The key is to keep stress levels and anxiety at bay in any way possible. While strict deadlines and stringent criteria cannot be changed, the atmosphere within the office or workplace certainly can. Knowing this, the focus should be on transforming the office into a tranquil place, conducive to productivity and creativity at all times.

This can be achieved through strategic office design (and regular maintenance, of course), but also in investing some time and money into pampering your employees from time to time, even if that means encouraging them to go for a jog together after a particularly busy, demanding day. Ensuring wellness in the workplace needn’t cost a cent if you are inventive enough!

In between thinking of new ways in which you can transform your workplace into the tranquil setting that it needs to be, it is also important not to forget about the basics! For example, you need to make certain that your employees always have access to properly maintained facilities, especially in terms of restrooms. Cleanliness should still be a top priority as it is about so much more than just comfort, but health as well! Keeping all aspects of the office building in tip-top condition should also be on the to-do list.

In short, it may be a good idea to hire a facility management company to assist. Not only will they be able to provide advice and services when it comes to new-age hospitality design for your employees, but they will also be able to take care of the other basics that will keep your business operating as productively as possible.