Dionysis Ammolochitis

Creating value for 15 years

Here you can see the interview I gave to Manager magazine   and published in the April 2015 issue.

I would suggest we start our discussion by explaining what facility management is ?

I am often asked about this. If I chose to answer with just one sentence, then “what facility management does is help businesses focus on their main task and achieve their goal more easily.”

And how is this done? Assigning the integrated management of their buildings to an external partner who takes care of the overall smooth operation of their organization.

Especially in the current market conditions, I believe that this assignment gives multiple benefits to the company that trusts a reliable facility management provider , such as minimizing its operating costs and maximizing efficiency, freeing up resources and effort required for daily smooth running. operation of the company for the benefit of its own core business , and in fact without allocating own funds.

Although what you are telling us is really impressive, I have to point out that they are probably not very well known in business.

Yes this is true. In fact, they often confuse building cleaning services with facility management services . Our industry is relatively new, especially for the Greek market, but dynamically growing, while it is worth noting that the benefits are internationally recognized in countries that have adopted this practice.

It depends on
us, the facility management providers , how soon we will give a clear and unambiguous picture of the important benefits that a company enjoys using complete solutions for the management of its facility. This is one of the objectives of our newly founded association H .

However, we, as a company, have included the information and recognition of our industry in our strategic goals.

Okay, then let’s move on to Manifest as a provider of Facility Management services .

The Manifest provides configuration services, cleaning and storage facilities, as well as maintenance / M equipment, while creating the conditions for a pleasant working environment by taking green projects and the supply of fresh food.
These are our services, but in reality what our company does is to take care and take care of every customer personally, to always be there to meet their every need and to provide them with more and more time and resources to achieve their own of goals.

How many years has Manifest been in the Greek market and what is its course?

The Manifest was founded in 2003 and is the first realization of one of my personal goals. Today in our company, participate about 500 people, who deliver daily about 3000 hours of service in 1100 buildings in 30 cities of Greece.

We are proud because we are a purely Greek and absolutely worthwhile company, with continuous growth and thus we responsibly support the Greek economy.

I would like to keep two things from what you said: You are a Greek company that responsibly supports the Greek economy and you have continuous growth.

How do you do that?

We believe in hard work and constant effort and we do not use the difficulties we experience as excuses to not achieve our goals.
We also believe that work is a game and with this mentality we deliver our services creating unique experiences to our customers.
You know when any person “plays”, the passion for victory and enthusiasm are the two strongest emotions that are created in him.

Of course, as it is easy to understand, in order for such a mentality to exist in our company, it must have been cultivated by our people.

So in this element we finally give the greatest weight to our company. We hire good and productive people and take care to keep them, not just happy, but happy, with continuous training to achieve personal progress, with motivation to set the bar higher, by strengthening their initiatives to tie as a team .

The most important element that characterizes our mentality is the recognition of the results and the efforts in general, something that is unfortunately underestimated nowadays, while for us it is the flag of our meritocratic model of administration.

And one last question: Goal for 2015?

2015 will be for us the best year in turnover and profit rate for 13 after the year of our establishment day we are in constant development.
We aim to increase our market share, while maintaining our financial strength.
At the same time, we plan to innovate technologically with some advanced information systems that will raise our customer service to a new high level.
As I have said before, yesterday as an economy we were on loans, today we have to produce wealth, and the
 Manifest knows very well how to generate value.