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2019_June_Make the decision
It’s either or down

In my life, I have heard a lot of pompous words from many people about their work, who, however, are facing serious issues of survival at this time. And worst is that they do not even know how to overcome them.
“Talk is cheap” according to our wise people, and this is the cruel truth.
So, shouldn’t we say too much? Should we be reserved, moderate, skeptical? Not at all! “Talk” in this sense describes words that are not related to positive results or are not accompanied by acts.
It is not bad at all for someone who is the best in his field to be proud of it because that is true. It is, however, pitiful for someone to say how important he is, to boast, that is, to gloat for non-existent achievements in an exaggerated and provocative way, just to feel great and enviable.
What life has taught me is that there is no horizontal straight line. Things -and when I say things I mean all these issues that surround you and your life, EVERYTHING– will go either better or worse. The horizontal straight line marks death. And we are dealing with life.
Let us, therefore, look at the case where the course of things is downward.
This is a simple -dull I would say- case, since all you need to do to see things getting worse is do nothing worthwhile, nothing that will positively attract the attention of someone else, nothing that improves a situation. The interesting case is to make things go better.
So if you want to make things go better, check the three following rules that you need to follow:
1st: Impose yourself.
I have said it many times and I will say it all the time so that I remind myself of it: EVERYTHING starts with us. If you want to invest somewhere, start with yourself, my friend.
To impose yourself means in a few words: “Cut the crap”. You know very well which are the things you do that prevent your goals from being achieved. If you do not know or cannot spot them, I will help you with a simple question: What do you do which you are ashamed of or fear not to be revealed? It may have to do with your partner, your job, an executive at your job, a client of yours or anything else.
Refrain from everything that is likely to bring you in a difficult situation. The wins you can get from it are incalculable (I will shortly write an article only about these wins). Is it easy; No! That’s why so many people see their lives getting worse.
2nd: Stop being the “good guy”.
It is very important to have good manners, to be polite, to elevate people who are close to you.
It is also very important to be trustworthy, to keep your word and always be on time in your obligations.
Nevertheless, my friend, when you have to choose between the good of the group you decided to belong to (your company, team, etc.), your own good and your family’s, do not hesitate to become unpleasant or disliked in order to defend your “world”.
I remember once that I had to fire someone because his performance was putting at risk a part of the company, and by extension the whole company, and by extension everything that is connected with the company and its people. His Director was trying to persuade me not to fire him with arguments like “He’s a good guy”, “let’s give him another chance”, etc. When I finally made the decision, everyone was happy, the department that he worked in improved and he himself had an opportunity to find a job in which he could have a good performance and receive satisfaction from it.
I can give you many examples that in order to defend my team I have not been obstructed by the thought that someone can be insulted or feel unappreciated. Do you know something? I prefer it a thousand times than be unfair with myself or with something in my environment.
3rd: Make the decision at last
Would you say you do not know what to do or what not to do to get things improving? I know you know and you do too. We know what we should do and what we should not do. It’s quite simple because that is what the logic defines.
Why don’t you do it? I don’t know! But I’ll tell you why I do it.
Because I have decided so. I have decided that my businesses should constantly develop, and that I can help people achieve what they want in their lives.
Every day I make a hard effort and give all my strength. Almost always there is someone out there whose aim is to drive my own goals to failure or whose goals are against mine (a competitor). They very often accuse me of being arrogant, selfish and anything you can imagine. Sometimes my team members disappoint me, or even worse, they betray me. Our state is changing the rules almost every day and because of their complexity you need an “army” of people to do a lot of irrelevant things than those our company needs to grow. In addition, there are so many other daily problems that I could write for days. Indeed, do you think that all this and so much more are capable of preventing me from achieving my goals?
Of course NOT! And do you know why? Because I have made the decision to win. I have decided to make it regardless of the circumstances.
That is what I mean by saying “make the decision at last”. Because if you do, I know, my friend, the forces that will develop within you, I’ve experienced it and I notice it in dozens of people around me. I know what you can achieve, only by really making the decision. I know it’s not easy, that you have to beat your fears, get out of your comfort zone, be considered “strange” by some, and so much more.
What you do not realize, though, is that the power you will feel when you find yourself aligned with your decisions will be “from another planet”, you will be full of self-confidence, full of energy and positive emotions.
That’s why I say to you “MAKE THE DECISION AT LAST”.
Dionysis Ammolochitis

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