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Success! A special word! A word positively charged in general, yet sometimes negatively! The dictionary defines it as “the result achieved, the ending of a human action to the desired, the intended result”, and that is the desideratum, isn’t it? The setting of goals and their achievement.
But what does one need to do to be successful?
Most people I know want intensely to be successful and do their utmost to achieve it, but few really believe it for themselves.

What’s wrong? What’s the mistake?

For me, success is the ultimate harnessing of all my potential!

I am not satisfied by making enough money, I want to be healthy, I want to have a happy family, I want to live the love, I want good friends, I want recreation, I want spirituality and, of course, I want time to enjoy them all.

And while it is true that I have achieved them to a good degree, what matters the most for me is not the journey, but the destination. Indeed, I do not wish the journey to be long, so when I reach a new point of success, I learn something new about the skills I possess and, at the same time, I pursue higher standards and I start looking for new levels of success. “Please,” my mother says, “calm down a little bit, son, take a rest, take some time off to enjoy your life – success is not everything”, and I know she says it out of love.

So, we arrive to the basic common feature of the successful people: PASSION AND DEDICATION! He who wants to succeed in his life, never rests, lives his days passionately and is devoted to accomplishing his goals.

Personally, I live and breathe for the moment I wake up and start my day, and I enjoy the fatigue when I come home late after having accomplished a job that may required 100 fast people.

Yet, we live in the age when people – in order to justify their own mistakes and omissions –try to stop those who want to succeed, and say a bunch of bad things for those who are full of passion and vigor; they call them “greedy”, “addicted to work”, ” fools” that do not sit in front of a couch watching TV on the weekends.

I know a lot of very successful people and no one ever told me to “stop”, to “calm down” or to rest on my successes. I have poured a lot of sweat and I have gone through very intense situations to get to where I am, and what I did and what I will continue to do is to be 1000% passionate about what I want, to never rest because I have become obsessed with my wishes (which are many).
 I am sorry for being so blunt, but there is no other way; anyone who wants to succeed should be passionate and never stop trying with all his might, he should be absolutely dedicated.

The opposite of success (not word-wise but as a concept) is mediocrity. I do not know if you’ve noticed, but we live in a time when mediocrity has become a menace. It is the situation that someone does not find any reason to be better at what he does, but instead considers excellence to be something harmful and pointless. It is the situation that someone delivers a mediocre project, because he believes that what he does doesn’t matter anyways. It is what we call “I am bored with my life” in all aspects.

I believe that all the above mentioned is a consequence of the doubt in which these people were ingrained, which made them doubt themselves firstly, and then to believe that they should conform to mediocrity without many personal wishes, relying on certainty which provides less. By not being able to become not in the least successful, their “game” is to manage to persuade other people to give up.

All in all, Ι will mention that YES success has a price, but so does mediocrity, and even greater! So, live with passion and enjoy a full life!
Best of luck!

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